Cutting Choices

Maintaining your home is often a tricky proposition because of all the many factors that need to be juggled. A homeowner’s work is never done, and arguably only begins for real with the purchase and acquisition of a home. At that, a homeowner should be aware that different parts of the house will require different sorts of care – each room and each part of the interior or exterior will have unique needs.

For example, the garden tends to be easy to overlook, because one assumes that nature will take care of everything. However, oftentimes some key decisions need to be made – some with regard to the trees and such growing in the garden, which may need some drastic pruning or the like depending on the situation and needs that are brought forward by the branches and the like that might get in the way of neighbors’ yards, electric cables and such.
Should the opportunity arise, a homeowner needs to keep some guidelines in mind so as to avoid complications in the process.
1. Study the situation carefully to get an idea of what is needed exactly. Is the situation one that needs the entire tree gone, or will cutting branches and the like be enough to solve whatever problems there are? Each step has a different environmental impact, and as such should not be made lightly.
2. What are the neighborhood rules on the matter of tree cutting? Find out what these are before anything, because this will be essential to finding out if you are even allowed to pursue this sort of service. Just going forward with it under the assumption of it being your call because it’s your property can be dangerous, as there might be rules requiring specific courses of action depending on the nature of the tree being cut. Failing to follow these rules can lead to trouble, and ignorance of them will not be an excuse.
3. Study the insurance particulars, and look at potential insurance matters that might arise as a result of the process. Deciding which tree lopping Perth company to work with will be helped along by understanding what their commitments and liability coverage ends up being – determine what even constitutes a liability that they will cover, so as to avoid copouts later on in the event of a problem.
4. Ask around. See if your neighbors have worked with a reputable company before and found the experience worth recommending – this is something you can use to your advantage, particularly if you and the neighbor or friend have similar standards for quality of work.

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Tree Stump Removal Procedures

The easiest way to remove a tree stump is by hiring a professional tree removal service. You can also opt for DIY techniques. You have to know the exact part of the tree that should be taken away. A certain portion should be left to serve as lever so the trunk can be cut in the shortest amount of time and using the least of resources.

It may be necessary to rent a power grinder or purchase a stump remover chemical (powdered form of potassium nitrate) which is meant to hasten the decay of stumps. These products can be bought from stores selling home and garden supplies. You can place the granules into holes in the stump and add water as well. The process of decomposition normally takes from four to six weeks. Just makes sure to keep children and pets away from the tree. The decayed trunk can be broken easily using an axe.

Another alternative is to burn the stump using kerosene or fuel but not gasoline. However, the liquid should soak in the wood completely prior to burning. This can take several weeks to be effective. Refrain from leaving a flaming ember in your yard because this can result to accidents or even cause fire. You can build a wire enclosure around the stump and remove flammable objects around such as dried leaves and paper. Using the axe is still a widely-preferred method. Professional removers do not work on stumps that have been cut for more than one year.

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Vital Considerations in Removal of Tree Stumps

Trees are crucial to the environment. It does a lot of things for people such as provide shade especially during sunny days and solitude. Trees can also add splendor to your landscape. Nonetheless, remains of trees that have been cut can look awful and even lead to mishaps. Trees stumps can be taken away or nurtured so these can grow into trees once again. The stump should be removed altogether if it will just be an eyesore and cause unpleasant occurrences in your property.

You need to stop the roots from spreading underground since it is the only way to exterminate the tree permanently. Remember that trees grow downward and not upward. Moreover, tree roots can create cracks in the floor and destroy fences or pipes buried beneath the soil. Roots can also weaken the foundation of your residence and aggravate the possibility of collapsing particularly during earthquakes. Insects and pests are easily attracted to stumps. For one, termites and bees are predators that can cause extensive damage to your house.

These bugs are also sources of allergies and illnesses especially among kids. At the same time, the roots of a tree stump can contaminate other healthy foliage in your surroundings. Hence, the overall look of your lawn is adversely affected. This can be a DIY task but you may need special equipment to ensure that the stumps are taken away completely. It is still advisable to hire a professional tree removal company because it has the appropriate tools and proficient workers.

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