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Mulch Aids in Conservation of Soil Moisture

Taking care of a home and keeping it looking good is more difficult than it may initially sound. While it might seem to be just an ordinary part of a homeowner’s routine, rushing through it or making ill-informed decisions could end up being very costly. Simply doing what comes to mind could even be said to be potentially dangerous, with a more unexpected impact on the home itself than one might associate with such a movement. Proper decision-making is essential in order for a homeowner to maximize whatever resources are at hand, as well as to take care of a great investment.

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Tree mulching

Even the garden is not exempt from the need to find the best methods of management and maintenance. Reducing landscape maintenance can allow resources that would otherwise be expended in that direction – money, effort, space, time and so on – to be saved and reallocated with less hassle. This can be accomplished with a good working knowledge of vegetation management, which has several benefits of its own aside from saving money and time. One particularly good method of managing garden vegetation is mulching. Trees and shrubs can be included in mulching, which represents a good measure that can help reduce the need for landscape maintenance as well as provide a means for keeping the existing and remaining plants healthy.

Mulch aids in the conservation of moisture in the soil, helping reduce evaporative soil moisture loss by 10 or even up to 25 percent. This is most observable with soil with low moisture-holding capacity; while some types hold a lot of moisture and thus don’t need mulch for this benefit, there are many plants that grow best in soil that unfortunately does not sustain moisture for long and thus would need mulching to offset that. Along with this, mulch also helps the soil maintain a uniform temperature, as well as make the soil a better venue for the growth of earthworms and good soil microorganisms. Using mulch will also help reduce soil compaction – most commonly brought about by rainfall’s literal impact on the soil – and thus help keep the soil well-aerated.

Mulch is also helpful in keeping soil – as well as possible fungi that can accompany it – from landing on the plant foliage, which in addition to maintaining a clean and fresh look helps prevent the onset and spread of possible soil-borne diseases. Mulching around trees and on weed-free beds is a great way to start. Laying down a 2- to 4-inch layer on and around the root zone (or the entire area, for beds) will offer mulching benefits, although mulch should be kept a couple of inches away from the base of plants so as to avoid bark decay problems.

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