Tree Maintenance Tips and Techniques

ImageFull-grown trees are lovely to behold, most especially if they are properly maintained and are well cared for. Keeping large and mature trees healthy is one of the things that people often overlook. This is simply because it is not a simple thing to do. However, it is a smart way of protecting the time and efforts you’ve already invested in your trees. The common tree care and maintenance procedures include yearly tree inspection, fertilization, mulching and tree pruning.

1. Tree Inspection – Conduct a tree inspection at least once a year. Watch out for signs of unhealthiness such as crown discoloration, distorted leaves and stems, dried branches, peeling bark, insect infestation, rots and decays. If you fear that the tree is not in good condition, immediately call a tree maintenance and services company to evaluate the problem.

2. Fertilization – It is necessary to fertilize a tree that lacks nutrients. Although, fertilization may not provide a cure to all declining conditions of trees, it could complement other tree care procedures.  It is important to consult with a tree care expert as to what kind of fertilizer should be used. Using the wrong fertilizer could lead to undesirable results. But with the right selection it will boost root growth and resilience of your trees to diseases.

3. Mulching – Mulch supplies Perth help retain soil moisture. It also moderates soil temperature and keeps weeds and other plants from affecting the tree’s growth. Apply 2- to 4 inches of mulch layer to the drip line of the tree. Avoid over application. Anything more than 4 inches could result with moisture and oxygen level problems.

4. Pruning – Although, trees in the forest grow quite well even only with nature’s pruning, backyard or landscape trees need a higher level of maintenance to improve growth, safety and aesthetic value. However, pruning is a procedure that should be done with a deep understanding of how a tree would respond to each cut. Otherwise, you might end up with a dead tree and a broken leg.

5. Tree lopping Perth – This procedure involves cutting back a tree’s branches and limbs and trunks are shortened. It is a bit similar to pruning but in a more severe manner. There are different opinions on lopping trees. Some say it is beneficial while others think that it causes severe damages to trees. However, no matter what other people say, the fact still remains that lopping is an important tree maintenance procedure because it protects the health of trees and of the people around them.


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